Growing up in Oakland, California, Tony aka “Fightclub101” seemed drawn to boxing from a young age. He would follow many upcoming fights as soon as they were announced, and he took a keen interest in boxers such as Roy Jones Jr., Oscar De La Hoya, and “Iron” Mike Tyson. In college he became more hands-on with the sport, having boxed collegiality for the University of California, Berkeley. For more than a decade, Tony has trained regularly at King’s Gym in Oakland, and Wild Card Boxing in Hollywood, where he would see fighters like Andre Ward and Manny Pacquiao training for upcoming bouts.

In his early twenties, Tony began playing blackjack at the professional level. This eventually transitioned into betting on boxing matches. The first time he placed a bet, it would be on Andre Ward, a 2/1 underdog going into a bout with super-middleweight champion Mikkel Kessler. When Ward ended up winning the fight by decision, Tony decided that betting on boxing was something he could do to make serious money. This is exactly what he did, and by conducting careful cost-benefit analyses of the fights he wagered on, he was able to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in the subsequent years. This success is something Tony would like to share with you. By taking advantage of his boxing knowledge and system of value betting, we believe he can turn you into a better (and hopefully richer) bettor.

Tony currently works as a real estate investor (flipping houses), and aside from boxing he enjoys reading philosophy, traveling, doing community service, and playing blackjack.