Prior bets

Some betting tips..

If you plan to bet on boxing, there’s a few things worth pointing out that may help to better your gambling experience:

  1. Even if a bet is relatively small, only make that bet as if you had a lot of money riding on it. Don’t be reckless with your bets, even if they are a small amount. Small amounts add up to large amounts. You want to maximize the probability of winning the majority of the time. Betting can be fun and addictive — especially if you start off winning — but don’t let success go to your head. Do exercise patience, and try not to get greedy.
  2. Don’t bet with your feelings. Try to come up with the most objective breakdown of a fight you can without taking into consideration who you want to win. Reality does not care about your feelings. Sometimes the person you like wins, sometimes not. Sometimes the “good guy” wins, but sometimes he loses.
  3. Look at it as entertainment, like you’re going to a baseball game. You spent X amount of dollars on tickets, food, beer, etc., and you aren’t getting any of that money back. But hopefully you enjoyed the game. This is precisely what you are paying for: a temporary joy; a fleeting thrill. Any winnings you manage to earn on top of that is just icing on the cake.
  4. This should go without saying, but do not place bets such that if you lost the wager it would put you in financial distress. Bet with money that you can afford to lose — extra money, bonus money, or “fun money,” but probably not with money meant for food, rent, or your kid’s education.
  5. Gambling deals with probability, and because any event in boxing is logically possible, that means you run the risk of losing some of your money, if not all of it. There can be times when you lose several times in a row, even if you made all of the “right plays.” You should never expect to not lose, rather you should accept that you will lose, and try to limit the amount of times those losses occur.